I've always wanted to create a documentary, one that was close to home and hard hitting. Seven months of filming, editing and writing, I finally produced 'Man Down' - a film that could make a difference to the many men who struggle in silence. 

The people in this film show true bravery and a willingness to help others. We discussed their personal journeys with their own mental health and some, their loved ones and people they know. We explored the mechanisms they had used to cope at their worst and how they could see attitudes and services around mental health changing in the future. The reasons for their involvement were for both self healing and to help others. Revisiting such deep wounds proved a huge mental and emotional challenge for them all and I am very proud to have been trusted with such raw and difficult life stories.

My film has since had great success with a total of six public screenings, numerous corporate screenings, school screenings and in October, 'Man Down' won Best Documentary in the I AM Film Awards 2019 - London. I still cannot quite believe it, I am extremely humbled and grateful.

I was over the moon when on of my favourite narrators, Shaun Dooley, accepted to help narrate. The tone of his voice and delivery was a perfect fit for the overall feel of the documentary.

"Wow! What an truly incredible documentary. A massive credit to all the people who have spoken out and who were involved in the making. There really is help out there so please don’t be afraid to speak out. This video made me so emotional and makes you realize how lucky we are to live the lives we do"

"It was a truly poignant and thought provoking film. Upsetting and raw but a necessary watch. If the showing of this film enables every person that saw it to then help someone who is having suicidal thoughts, then the job has been done. I have boys. I want them to know it’s ok to talk. I want them to be aware of man club. I want them to be aware of choices and support"



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